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Ok I'm really happy right now, because I'm finally talking to my crush. We never talked before....maybe a few words, but nothing much. But now, I'm on aim, and I saw in my profile that this one person viewed my profile 2 times. I didn't reconize the screen name, so I imed him and asked him who he was. Well, he responded with " I'm that kid that sits behind you in spanish....your friend gave me your screen name, do you know who I am?" I was so happy because that "guy that sits behind me in spanish class" happens to be my biggest crush. Any way, we got talking and stuff, and I think he could be a little bit interested in me.......but I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend or not. His profile sure does have a lot of stuff in it about different girls. I'm not sure if it's just his friends, but it also had a conversation in his profile between him and his friend. And his friend asked him whats up, and he said "girls....so many girls....lol" I don't want him to be like obssessed with girls or anything. Like a pimp or anything. I know he has a lot of girls that are his friends, but I don't know if their really his friends or he just flirts with him. Oh, and it also says "I miss you danille" in his profile do you think that could be his girlfriend? Because that would ruin it if he had a girlfriend.....or liked any other girls....or is that normal? Should I just forget about him?

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Its possible he has a girlfriend, its possible that all those girls are just friends who he has no interest in. You won't know until you get to know him more, or unless you ask.


Obviously if he had interest in getting your screen name, he must have had some kind of interest in you. Otherwise why wouldn't he have gotten your screen name?


I think you should get to know him. After you get to know him, if he seems like the type of guy who seems obsessed with every girl, then it might not be such a good idea to date him. You never know though. He might be the perfect guy for you. Just get to know him.

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