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Talking to strangers


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There is this girl in my chemistry class who I find very attractive and I've noticed her checking me out a couple times when I walk into the class. I've never talked to her because my class is about 300-400 people and I sit with a friend who has a crush on me but I have no interest in her and I don't wanna go sit next to another girl because she might get upset. After chemistry I walk to my car alone and I always see the girl I find attractive walking to the same parking lot to get in her car. I was thinking about just one day going up to her when I'm walking back to my car and asking her if she's good at chemistry and could help me with it. Does that sound like a good idea? Would ya'll find it strange if someone come up to you outta the blue like that?

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Don't ask her if she likes chemistry. Ask her how she is feeling, how was her weekend, what does she like to do, and really pay attention to her when she answers. And ask her about what career she wants, if she works also, how her family is....those are good questions.

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Yea, just what the above says...go talk to her. Give it a little thought on what you might say, even something that may make her laugh too ease the meeting....but don't think too hard hehe


NICE CAR....I gotta del sol....tsk tsk.... I chose style over speed....bad choice lol, but the new preludes are awesome

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