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Need tips on Frech kissing

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well, i don't know if there's really anything anyone can tell you about HOW to do it. the first thing is that you really need to stop comparing your activities to what everyone else is doing. do things at your own speed. if you don't feel ready, then don't feel obliged to do it. that said, if he is also a first time kisser than be prepared for a bit of awkwardness, and if something happens that's weird, just laugh at it. there's nothing worse than someone who gets embarrased over little things... you'll most likely bump noses, and it's hard to figure out who's moving right and who'll go left. once you start to kiss, you basically just meet his tongue with yours. there's no set formula. some people just touch the lip with their tongue, some people are too forceful. i'd recommend just going really slow and see what feels right.


i didn't get my first kiss til much later than 13 btw. and yes, all of my friends had already kissed.

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You obviously aren't ready to french kiss, so stop worrying and chill out. Don't rush into anything and never do anything that makes you uncomfortable! While it may seem that "everyone else" your age has french kissed, I guarantee you they haven't. There are people in their late teens and early twenties who've never had their first kiss!


Just relax and enjoy being 13! You have LOTS of time to get into the adult stuff.

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start out by gently kissing him 2 or 3 times on his lips, then open your mouth and put your tongue in his mouth. Start playing around with each other's tongues. Don't really think about what you are doing...just do it, it comes naturally (well it did to me the first time). And close your eyes during it, theres nothing weirder then opening your eyes in mid kiss to see that your partner is staring at you 8)



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Everyone already gave you good advice. I had my first kiss when I was 10 y.o. My boyfriend at the time was a real horn-dog. Anyway, try practicing on your arm first. I wouldn't recommend trying to stick your tongue out right away or to slam it down the guy's throat. Start slowly, lips slightly apart, and lightly kiss your partner, then slowly stick your tongue in his mouth. Just play with his tongue with yours. That's the best way to explain kissing. Enjoy the sensations and work your way into sucking and playful biting! Oops...forgot you are 13 y.o.

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hey! i know exactly how u feel! i was like that last year too! u feel like everyone in the world has made out except for you! its a crappy feeling! but in reality ur comparing yourself to just ur friends,,think about cool ppl u may not b real good friends with...a lot of them probly havent either! and i know it sucks when ppl say "it comes naturally" becuase thats the last thing i wanted to hear when i asked for advice last year too but it seriously doe...the more u think about it the harder its gonna b for u to jus do it and have fun..like a second after u start makin out u will feel like u have been doin it your whole life...and its a lot different than you think it will b! (in a good way) and its a lot easier that u think it wil b too! just chill n let it happen! it will b fine i promise! xox much love!

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calm down its not that bad if everyone has done it except.Look at me im 17 and ive never held a girls hand or done mere childs play.So it just shows ur far from behind.I mean 13 is such a young age.IM still aching to have a gf but it doesnt come so o well ill just keep waiting hopefully the wait isnt to much longer.

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My first kiss was at 13, and it was one of the best one´s ever. After that I would get sore lips from long makeout sessions with my boyfriend, it was so addicting!!


Here´s what happened with me: I had no idea what to do either. Even though people gave me tips and stuff, I just didn´t fully get it. Plus, I was deathly embarrassed of never having kissed anyone, so there was no way I was going to tell my boyfriend that I didn´t know how to kiss.

He asked me if he could kiss me one day, I said yes, my heart was pounding and I was soooo nervous. I thought I´d be found out, I thought he´d notice I couldn´t kiss. But to my surprise, I could kiss. It does come naturally. I sort of followed whatever he was doing with his tongue. Easy, easy, easy.


One thing you should know is that people all kiss differently... some use a lot of tongue, some barely use their tongue, some nibble, some lick, some prod their tongues in your mouth forcefully, some are gentle... some like to do circles, some like to check your back teeth for plaque... some are good, and some could be improved.


Good luck on your first kiss.

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well, my girlfriend came naturally good. She was a first timer too. She just followed my lead and then became very good...."naturally good". At first she was fast but after 2 or 3 times, she learned to control her speed. You'll learn and want more kisses after the first one. If your bf decides to kiss him, just let him cause u'll want more afterward. He'll slightly tilt his head, push his upper body to meet ur lips, AT THIS INSTANCE, open your lips, teeth, and push ur tongue out, then move it with his. I guess closing ur eyes first time will lose thoughts of everything buh thoughts of his tongue with yours.



1) he tiles head

2) you close eyes

3) he meets ur lips

4) you open your teeth

5) his tongue in ur mouth

6) rub ur tongue around his, move freely

7) have fun


NOTE: he mite go up ur shirt...be warned. If you dun like it, just break off the kiss by pulling ur body back and tell him, "no, i dont want tat". He should realize not to do it later.



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"NOTE: he mite go up ur shirt...be warned. If you dun like it, just break off the kiss by pulling ur body back and tell him, "no, i dont want tat". He should realize not to do it later."


OR; if he does that you could try what my girlfriend did to one of her exes - bite his tongue - HARD that'l stop him doing it again


Please note - that isn't recomended if you want him to like you.

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Right, firstly, don't worry about what everyone else has done!! I was 14 when i had my first kiss. Just kiss you guy and then kiss him again, keep kissing him, one little kiss after another, it will lead on from that. Kiss his top lip and just open your mouth a little and your tongue kinda finds it's own way. Don't follow any rules, just do what you feel is right, seriously, im sure people have said this but it does come to you


By the way, if this guy is pressuring you and not concidering your feelings don't upset yourself or get worried about it!! The right guy will come along if it aint this one good luck!!

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