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question about the pill and other contraceptives


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i started dating someone recently and we have talked about sex. we are both adults and pretty experienced. she has been on the pill for a few years and always takes it effectively (not missing a day, taking a pill at the same time each day etc..) and she told me she doesnt like condoms because they give her a reaction from the latex, i told her about trying polyurethane, but she just doesnt seem to like that idea. so should i be worried if i pull out and the fact she is on the pill? i do not plan to go insider her at all. thanks people

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> Hi comalies


>If she is really taking the pill everyday, at the same time, never missing, the chance of pregnancy is actually less than 1%. But, you should really make sure she is on the pill, and that she really is consistent about taking it.


>If she is allergic to latex, like you said there are other options for her.


>Please remember that the pill does not protect against any STD's, including AIDS, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, ghonorrea, chlamydia, syphilis...the list can go on and on.


>Other than her reaction to latex, is there any other VALID reason?


>Has she always had unprotected against STD sex?


>A word of caution: If you do have a sexual relationship with her with or without using condoms, it would behoove you to BOTH get tested for the various STD's. The testing is available for free at any Planned Parenthood, or are available from you primary care physician. Not using a condom with someone is a big step, and a big risk...You should know what you are getting into, before you get in to it...Best of luck.

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i've just come off the pill, and it was really meant for backup, as im only 15.

it was pretty damn useful because i did end up having unprotected sex when i was drunk quite a few times when they did cum inside me...and still i have no baby.

if she's taking it propely and she hasnt being pregnant yet (its 99% effective) then you should just enjoy the sex.

and if you're really worried, just have sex like a week before her period then you dont have to worry for long, the pill will prove right and she wont be pregnant! then you can do it again!

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well, she is ok with the condoms.. for now. but i defintely want to try it without them and vice versa, we are both only going to be with each other so that makes me feel better. she is dead on about taking her pill. i will wait a little while before trying it without them i guess because of the fact i had a scare it worries me. but she takes the pill perfectly so there should be no problem, only thing is that i wont go inside her.

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