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me again, have more problems...

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hey, it seems i only post here when i have trouble, lol! anyways, i have trouble.


there's a girl that i recently started liking, but i do not want a gf until i am 16, and she doesnt until she's 15, so we agreed to be "close friends". the thing is, now that we have agreed, she has started talking about other guys, and i do not know if she really likes me any more, plz help!

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Well, then, that probably means you have zero chance then. If it was just one of you, then maybe, but both of you wanting to just be friends? Why do you care if you are 16 or not? Is it because you'll have a car? Or you think you might be more mature then?


Well, what you want to know is how to find out if you are the one she likes the most. Well, you could go on the internet and look up all of that body language stuff.

Or you could just ask her.

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well i looked up the body language thing, and now i just need to watch for the signs.


no another issue... i am always generous with my money, with everyone, but she does not seem to like it. when we go and hang out at the mall and stuff, i pay for her movie ticket, etc. and i offer to buy her things, she does not like this. maybe she thinks i am trying to tell everyone that i have money, and they dont, idk, that is not wha ti try to convey. should i stop the spending?


also, does anyone know any ways to "win" a tomboy?

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