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Want to text you but keeping NC!


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Hey guys,

things with my ex ended pretty amicably but I've initiated NC for a while...I need to heal without freaking out about who hes with or any of the "subliminal messaging" I'm getting out of his texts.


He's going through a rough time in his life and I want to reach out to him...at the same time I know if I reach out I'm just going to fall for him (it wasn't a healthy relationship, but of course I still have feelings for him).


I just really wanted to post on here so I won't text him, at least not until I'm ready.


Any words of advice for getting past times like this?!


I realized that I love him, but I'm not in love with him anymore...but of course there's still that attachment factor of the relationship that still seems to keep me holding onto the relationship.



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There's a great thread on here else titled "Post here instead of to your ex" or something along those lines that is an excellent way to say what you want to say and yet not reach out to them. A search should help you find it and if you search and still can't just PM me and I'll look it up for you. It's helped me a time or two as has a personal journal where I write down everything I'm feeling, good and bad helps. Realizing that you love someone, but that it wasn't a healthy relationship and you don't want to go back to that is a very good step forward in healing, so congratulations on that.

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