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My Ex friend who is on Mad Drugs

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my friend is doing everydrug in the book on top of that...she is bi polar and has had an aweful life. I havnt spoken with her since i found out she was talkin mad drama about me and that she was talkin about my friend and her boyfriend , pretty much intintually trying to split them up. That is when the whole group went against her. No one in that table likes her and i have a alot of pitty for her. Not to long ago like lastweek she got beat up for calling a black her the N word. So now im really mad because im NOT racist. And i was surprised she is.


Everyday she goes to school high off Coke and just recently she called me leaving me a message about her wanting to hook me up with some dude that showed interest in me. Now i called her back and asked her whats goin on. She said she wants me to meet this guy with her and her boyfriend tonight. I ammediatly said no after hearin he is 23 years old.


Now we got into the subject of her doin drugs and us not talking anymore. I tol dher she shouldn't be doing that crap. she told me how she has been up for 3 nights now on *meth* and has been snorting cocain a lot , *big fat lines(**...I pretty much am worried sick about her. Her life is going to crap. I cant do anything about it. These recent nights i have been praying she just come sback to her sinces.


Should i tell her mom? If i tell her mom , she will get sent to jail or beat. If i tell her bro she will get beat sincless too..What should i do? im sooooo worried but i know i shouldnt be her friend anymore because of all the crap we have gone through.

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Well let me explain first that i have been in the same boat you have, and still am, i have a girlfriend that is bi-polar and hooked on prescription drugs and crack cocaine. The bad thing theres not much you can do except pray, pray, pray. Who beats her if you were to tell her parents or bro? Sounds to me theres a root cause behind it all. Get to the root of the problem try getting her to express some things that are bothering her instead of talking about drugs or boyfriends. Eventually she will come around and ask for your help. In the mean time look up some rehab centers around your area and when shes ready you can introduce her to them. Sounds to me you have a very serious burden on top of your shoulders and to get peace with yourself you have to let go until she can come to her senses. Sorry to hear bout whats goin on hope i can help a little bit... hit me up

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Well I dont know if you will like my advice, but I would tell her mom! Getting beat or going to jail is better than Her Mom and family and you going to her funeral!!! think about it wont you feel guilty if you cant help stop it, id talk to her mom in confidentiality, or depending on her age, if in school id tell a counslor (they would help her and keep it confidential about where the assumption came from and then they would go to her parents) call the police (you wont have to tell them your name,) they can get her and put her in Rehab, Ive had a friend in this same situation, We helped him and he cleaned up his life! I wish you all the luck in the world.. goodluck

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she took out a straw and some meth and snorted it at lunch the other day...This Yes sad but true...Somebody ended up ratting her out and now she isn't at our school , i heard so much. I heard that she is going to be in jail for 2 years...And i heard that she got out. I got a call from her but i called back and no one answered...


Im pretty much just going to try to forget....But the consiquences of her actions...Well it took her RoCk BoTtOm...

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