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good idea or not... need advice quick


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so here it is. i have been thinking about stopping by my ex's house with a card and to ask her face to face if she would like to just go out for a cup of tea and catch up... its been 6 weeks since we broke up. she had shown feelings about 1.5 weeks ago and just dropped off the face of the earth to me.

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Okay -- I can understand why you'd be confused, here.


The thing is -- she dumped you. IF it's going to work out, she has to want you back. And she has to say that in pretty clear terms.


So.... if she's stopped talking to you completely? Go with it. Go with NC and try to start to heal and move on.... unless and until you hear a message from her that clearly says she wants to try again.

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No, never do a 'surprise' stop by... it may annoy her, she may have a date at her house, she may feel like you are stalking her.


If you want to see her or talk to her, call her and leave her a message or send an email and see if she wants to meet up with you. If she says no, then you need to start working on letting go.

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