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alone feeling hurt

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its hard for me to live today too... I thought about killing myself on my way home from my bf's..... I dont want to live.. I dont want to feel pain.. I dont want to be with anyone but him.....


We had a fight, I thought we broke up.. a week later we made up.. today was our second day hanging out since the fight.. it was FANTASTIC!!! He was being SUPER SWEET!!!! PERFECT!!!! He said everything is fine between us.....He told me he was going out later and I was upset.. not saying he couldnt go.. I just said that I thought we would spend the whole day together.. He flipped.. said he gave me enough chances but no more... He ran into his house and slammed the door in my face

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You are jumping the gun a litte?? I mean, my god, you are only 22 years old, you have plenty of time to come accross that "right one". Until then, go out and live life to its fullest, you are giving up, before you have even started, and that truthfully is not being honest to who you are as a person. I hope I made some sense, and gave you a different way of looking at things. Never give up, things always get better and work out, you will see

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Im 24 (I know you werent talking to me)... Ive met that person... been with him for 4.5 years... Im sure he wont talk to me anymore.. I dont know what to do but I simply can not stand this agony anymore..


Id rather be dead.. .at least I could be with my dad... the one person in my life who NEVER hurt me.... too bad he died before he could protect me from all the bad that I have in my life now...

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funkatron im so sorry that the one you loved the most and felt most comfortable with died. I'm really sorry. I am in a time where all my friends are changing and my best friend (a girl) in which i knew for about 7 years as my best friend, doesnt really talk to me or really pay attention to me anymore. I feel for you i kinda know what your going through and i am really sorry.

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Hello there Nightrider...


My gosh. Don't lose hope! Please don't be so hard on yourself. Yes Mister, you will run into that special someone. It makes me sad to see people say these things. Please don't give up. Just think of it like this: "Save the best for last." Count on your lucky stars. When you meet that lady, you will know. Things will fall into place, and you guys will share a bond like no other. Then, you'll be glad that you waited so long!


Just think of yourself as a diamond in the rough, k? Stay strong, and continue on being that nice person that you are. If I can have faith in people like you, then I surely hope that you can have faith in yourself too! Take care. And, remember to smile. You'll run into that special lady when you least expect it. Hang in there! Mahlina

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To those of you saying that you are of a certain age and never had a bf or gf...give it time. I would rather have a true, lasting real relationship than a bunch of mistakes, or ones that meant nothing in the end. Been there done that...

What if we don't have much time left? You never know when it's all over, which is why I am extremely anxious to find someone and experience love.

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You are right, we never know how much time we have left. However, if you seem anxious or desperate, people will pick up on that and it will scare them away. I have been with people like that and I couldn't handle it for long. I have also been that way myself, or let my attachment to someone come off as desperate my my affections for them. It can easily scare someone off.


The best way to find someone is to be friends with them first. Don't go "looking for a relationship". when it happens, it will be even better.


If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me, I am on quite often and check my PM's a lot

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