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Should I see my ex or stay away.


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Short history, my ex and I were friends before we started dating. It was a short relationship ( cpl months ) and the whole time it seemed not too good because I felt like she wasnt into me that way and wanted me more as a friend and just using me as a time filler. Through this relationship she cheated on me but blamed it on being blacked out one night and stupidly I took her back. We dated for a cpl more weeks and then she dumps me via text stating she needs to get her life together ( find a job etc )


She broke it off one week ago and I did OK with NC. The second day I ended up seeing her out with her gf's and having a good time, so I left. Cpl days go by and then this weekend she was also out with other friends at a different club and we talked briefly. I kept my cool pretty well while we talked, she kept on talking about how she told me before that she wasn't ready for a relationship and that I knew this and that she needs to get a job and life together or she has to move home in a month back to NY.... Which is BS because she has been going out every night and drinking. ( not really getting your life together ) I didn't yell or get upset, just told her again that that was the why i was there ( do help her though this tough time ) and I didn't see how she couldn't see that I cared for her and wanted to be there for her. I texted her later that night saying something stupid about how she probably took somebody home and that I wish she knew what she was worth in my eyes etc. She text me the next morning saying she didn;t and that she promises. I responded that I need to remember its not my business anymore and then went back on NC....that was yesterday.


I JUST WANT THIS GIRL TO MOVE AWAY!! We have the same mutual friends and I don't know if I can deal with always seeing her out.


Anyways, we have a mutual gathering that we do every week tonight and I'm not sure if I should go or not.


I feel like she is winning because she dumped me and know going out, making me jealous it seems like this doesn't even faze her.

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I just told me friends that I had other plans and couldnt make it. I'm not going to play these games. She is posting photos all over FB w/ friends, texting my friends that she has people she wants to meet and to come out etc.


Is this all for attention because I'm not chasing after to her or is she just not into me at all, is there any hope left?

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