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What could be the reason with him?


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I met a guy through my cousin. we live apart but talk much often on phone. we meet once a while and its about a year and a half we have known each other. we have gone out couple of times and everything seem great. we have talked about how we will make it work and contribute to our relationship. But this guy has never done anything to show me he in truly in love with me in terms of a kiss, hug or a anything along that line. he is caring, is there for me and listens to me. but he says he needs to be careful. i ask how much carefulness does one needs to kiss or hug someone he calls his girlfriend in one and a half year relationship? I have begin to suspect something might be wrong with him but what?

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Huh? You live apart, you mean like in different cities, right? I'm thinking that because you said you've been in a relationship for a year and a half and yet have gone out only a couple of times. And you expect him to be in love with you? When is he supposed to kiss or hug you, when you've only seen each other a couple of times?


I think the only thing wrong with him is that he is smart enough to not get too involved with someone in a long distance, electronic relationship.

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