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3 dates, no spark, what to say to let him down easily?


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Hey guys,


It's been a while since I dated as I was in a very serious long-term relationship for most of the past 2 years. Back in the dating game and a little bit older now, so I don't want to just go silent on people, esp after 3 nice dates.


He is lovely and sweet, but I'm just not attracted to him and there is no spark there. How do I say it in a nice way? He clearly was interested in me, he kissed me at the end of our date and said he had a great time. I don't want to hurt him more than is necessary.


Best way to progress?



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You two have only been on 3 dates so don't feel too concerned about hurting his feelings. He may be disappointed a little but I doubt he'll have a nervous breakdown when you tell him that you didn't feel any sparks. Just be honest with him. "You're a nice guy and I've enjoyed your company but I don't feel like we have any sparks."

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