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He's looking for other women on craigslist


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A guy I have been with for a month and I became official last weekend. Updated FB status, etc. which is not something I normally do. We said we were monogamous for a few weeks but became bf and gf officially last weekend.


Then a friend from out of town (a small town) sent me a post she had seen on craigslist of him looking for women, using the same photos he does on FB! She's kinda a craigslist addict and she noticed he had posted. So I did a little web search and found he had posted the same ad in another city too!! Both halfway accross the country.


The message says he had a dream he was looking for


I asked my friend to message him and she did and now they are messaging back and forth (she BCCs me then forwards replies). Very casual convos and she's doing it well, but ***?


First I'm Awestruck at how small a world this is. It's almost eerie. Almost like the universe wanted me to know.


How do I Bring this up? I want to do it in person but really not sure what to say. Or should I have her mention something in the messages?

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Yeah, it's true. I just don't get why he would do it on a craigslist site thousands of miles away. One of the posts even said he had had a dream saying that he met the girl of his dream in said state and that's why he was posting there. But he's told me he is madly in love with me and stuff. Wonder if he's just manipulating.

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I doubt that you'll get a straight answer, and would you really believe anything he'd tell you anyway?


You did the right thing by testing whether he's still actively engaging his ad to meet other women. He is, so what more is there to say?


Walk on with your head high. If he wants to know what's up with you, you can tell him to respond to your ad on Craig's list.

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