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HELP! Starting all over again


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OK i have two things i need advice on...and after reading some ove the other post you guys are pretty helpful so here goes...


i just moved back in with my parents...we have a tendency to move around a lot and i have a tendency to move back to my friends...but now im going to be staying here...i am having a hard time making friends..im 22 and in college and the people in my classes seem a little to young or imature for me to be hanging around them...but im starting to get depressed...


second thing...i just started working at this place and i met this girl...her and i have the same things in common ..she used to live in the same places we lived and we just recently moved back home...i have a feeling she wants to hang out and stuff but our work scheduals dont give us that chance to make plans we also go to the same school but we never see each other...ive only worked with her for acouple days and im starting to fall for her because of how great our conversations are but i want to make her my friend first...its so hard to fight my feelings though...only if we can choose the people we fall for life would be easier...what should i do?


please reply with feedback..anything woud be great...

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First of all, you probably aren't falling for her, you are infatuated with her, and thats a cool feeling, just don't let it on to her that you are infatuated!


I know how hard it is to make friends dude, I am 26, my friends are all getting married or are in serious relationships and I am single, and that makes it rougher.....be glad you are doing it at 22 and not 26!


The friends will come, just be yourself, make people laugh, and listen to people when they talk. The best way to met people in college I found was by taking a speech class. I met a lot of people taking that class.


I would either continue talking with the girl at work, or I would suggest hanging out with her in whatever free time you have in a coffee shop or something else low key, where there isn't that "date" pressure. Know what I mean?


Keep your head up man, you are in school and you are working towards your future. Keep me posted on how everything goes and good luck!

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yeah man u were totally right about being infatuated...its kinda hard to distinguish...but yeah we exchanged numbers the other day and as time has it theres some band that we like and theyre coming to town..so yeah i dont hink there would be that date feeling there...but yeah thanks for replyin gto me man.. it helped.. good luck to u too on meeting knew people!

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ok i hope youre still able to view this..and who ever views it tell me what u think ..or i should do


ok im now better friends with this girl...she recently broke up with her boyfriend..and thats awesome for me ...but i think for now were just friends..i tried to hold my feelings back..for a while i though i was infatuated...but i dont know ...the more i try to fight to worse i get..she was telling me about some guy she kissed the other day and damn i had a big smile on the outside but my heart was ripping inside..should i just stop trying and save me some from anymore pain? that seems like the smart thing to do ..but i dont want to give up...but how do i stay friends with someone you have feeligns for? i dont want to just ignore her..but it sucks to be around her...i dont know

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