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Laughing after kiss??


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First kiss, second date.. she laughed after I kissed her right before we left for our cars. Weirdest thing I've ever experienced on a date. I have the utmost confidence in my ability and have been told on numerous occasions I'm a very good kisser. Girls usually pull in for more, but this one actually recoiled after 10 seconds and began to giggle. I'm confused.

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Could be nerves or it could be she was really happy. Sometimes I laugh when I'm making out with a new guy just b/c being with him is making me happy....it's not a full out guffaw or anything just quick little giggle....I think the first time that happened he looked at me kinda like "what was that for?" I just smile and tell him I'm just happy and then I think they just find it sweet.


I doubt she was laughing at your kissing skills. If you like her enough, go out on date 3 adn try again if it happens again ask her.

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Do you have a beard or mustache? I agree with the others - probably a nervous reaction.


I have a shadow; always keep my facial hair short. I've heard it tickles, but only when I rub cheeks.


I've experienced girls smiling/giggling after, and I could tell from blushing that they were happy/nervous. This girl actually threw her head back a bit to laugh. I asked her, "What?" - "Nothing *continuous giggle*"

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