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  1. I only read first and last page of this old story and will congratulate you for having lived through all that and still moved on.
  2. My goal was to lose some weigh and Im 180lbs going to 175 hopefully for 5,11+. I took those proteine supplements years ago and got a bit too overweight (Never been fat Just slightly overweight)
  3. Hopefully the next 2500 make more sense.
  4. Im sort of proud of myself for not smoking a cig in a week. I used e-cigarette instead and my lung health seems to have improved only after a couple days. I will continue smoking. I should have never started but if I can taper off and also save tons of money in the process. Cool. I was up to two packs a day two years ago. Quite an improvement.
  5. Venice, LAX.. downtown and Hollywood. Cant claim expert knowledge about other parts of LA. Sorry.
  6. I dunno where Annie lives. For all I recall of visiting LA you dont have much tall appartement building aside from downtown business building. Correct me if Im wrong... But its different to NY or Chicago for that matter. Or else live on ground floor. Usually more pricey though.
  7. I heard many stories on the news about youngs partying and going on balcony and accidents occurring all the time. Especially in large Resort like Cancun or Ibiza. The girl and incident you are talking about as tragic as it is is less frequent as I guess she wasnt drunk at all and it was really unexpected. Thanks god I dont live on 15st floor. I have terrible vertigo btw.
  8. Looking out the window... So accident? Tragic. Feel sorry for her dad.
  9. Yeah fake Name... No status updates... No friends but real pics. I have a plan... I might do This in bigger cities I visit occasionnally... Not in my neck of the woods.
  10. On Tinder I guess women wont mind I wouldnt do This on any other OLD sites though. Cannot get on Tinder anyway because I dont use FB (starting another one Just for This reason alone... Eh no)
  11. I could do abs for 30mns long ago... 200 or so. Miss the six-pack. Running has become tiresome. And personal record of push up was 40. Even when I was very thin. Now I enjoy swimming or cycling. Or Just walking always in the countryside. Used to be decent in badminton.
  12. No problem. If its personal keep it private indeed. I clear my inbox often anyway.
  13. Speaking of which... What did MCJD stands for?
  14. Of course... If he is great in bed because he has a big willy but his ambition is to loaf around at home all day and cook some burgers for 6 hours... Yes he isnt very interesting. As you said hes a summer fling. Will remain a good memory for your friend but he is in no way her future husband.
  15. Honestly I cant say I disagree with Blue Spiral... As long as somone works and has a work ethic, ambition shouldnt matter. Its someones life and you do what you want as long as you make a living honestly. Indeed having free time is good too... Depending if you are single, depending on your age maybe. Some folks dont/cant work (mentally or physically disabled) and Im all for help/welfare for them. And yes Annie someone can have a pretty decent profession and achievied long studies and not make much money. Where I live a teacher with a PhD make around $25.000 a year in the beggining. Not much for someone teaching kids education and life.
  16. Lol... If Im ever proposed a morning anchor journalist job at $50.000 a month of course Ill wake up by 2am if needed. I dunno. Even airline pilot sometimes go to bed in the end of the afternoon to wake up in the middle of the night and go fly. But their salary is worth it. On the other hand many high School dropouts go back to college later because they are done with the mob or cooking steaks.
  17. Okay. Sorry for the blast to the past. All I remember is that he wasnt much of a catch... Chronically unemployed and DUI... Etc You are right... Best to leave him where he is now and move on.
  18. In a small company and if you have coworkers on vacation it makes sense to be busier at work. So, no new guy since Logan (previous boyfriend?) or did I miss something?
  19. Some guys are like that. If your city is in your profile and he still cant figure it out and has to ask again... Yes, probably an idiot. Also he wants to hear from you and never come out with questions about you..? Something aint right. Next.
  20. Dates cannot be spontaneous... Even moreso when you are back teaching 5 days a week next month. If you are still dating him then you have work priorities too. The clothes thing bugs me a bit too. I make an effort even by 35c to wear something appropriate for a date but its not the biggest issue here.
  21. Was going to say this. They didnt match but he took rejection like a man. Looking forward to MM reviews on the date with Alan.
  22. That leaves time for dating then. Maybe put recent pics from your holidays since you have tanned.
  23. Welcome back. And Ron... What a defective. I dunno where you live but as a teacher you will be working again in a week or so?
  24. I assume some will prefer dating someone who doesnt own a FB account as to not be monitored. Ive seen so many empty account with barely a few pics and never a status update at all. Fake name and all. On the other hand more mundane people with thousand pics on vacation with glamour pics. That and the babies pics. God, Dunno if those kids later in life will appreciate their childhood pics registered in the Silicon Valley ad vitam. Yes, FB is before all an outlet and people do whatever with it. Depend how its used.
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