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Goodnight, Little Star.


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This is a poem I wrote about my ex girlfriend, and first true love. I haven't submitted it for any contests of publishers yet, but I was thinking about it. It's kinda long too.




Pristine beauty forged in moonlight,

snowflake smiles, cold and hollow.

The crisp, cool air caresses my body,

as you caress my heart with a steady hand.

Midnight starlight smiles down upon us,

bathing you in an eerie glow.


You take me hand and lead me to your warm embrace,

my haven from the piercing cold,

eloquently, in our time of passion.

And while our descent into melancholy continues, I wait,

hoping for, longing for, my moment of redemption.


And as the snowflakes fall from the sky,

you stare out the window, dreaming of more,

and I am left in the shadows, cold and alone.

Fleeting nostalgia is my companion in the aftermath,

a deadened time longing for the past.


Reminiscing, I return, humbled and defeated,

and you turn away, the freezing smile,

trickling onto your porcelain face.

At the apex of your song, I begged 'may I cut in,'

but the hour was late, and the dream was over.


And the stars still shine down upon us,

their lustre somehow beyond me,

an intangible quality in this malestrom of sin.

I turn once more to you and seek your addictive embrace,

and I am met with a warm smile, and cold, empty eyes.


I am lost in your wonderland, searching aimlessly,

until I hit the mark of perfection.

I reach my zenith as I climb beneath the sheets,

huddled in your radiance, your love turns warm again,

and I die once more.


But what becomes of me when the moment has passed?

I lie here in poetic dismay, grasping tightly to the past,

and fearing the truths of our existence.


Once more the bitterness surrounds me,

leading me like a paper doll.

I close my eyes to the rising sun,

and join you in your dreams for something more.

And like the stars I fade,

sinking below lines of green,

and silohuetted by the golden embrace,

of another painful day.


Finally, I stop, drowning in shallow slumber,

with you by my side, my silent companion,

lost in thought as usual.

I reach for your heart, but only find your lifeless body,

offered for the meagre price of unfamiliarity.


As you hold onto me, your silky touch eloping me,

I die once more, and retreat to my haven of hollow, fleeting joy.

I am rewarded for my loyalty with a sympathetic smile,

but a hardened heart.


And once more I find you on this freezing night,

abound in your splendour,

speaking words so soft, they break my heart.

And as you accompany me in a quick fall,

we dance together, our souls intertwined,

and we sing with an unrivalled beauty.


©Christopher Moss, 2004.

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wow...that was beatiful. truly wonderful. while reading this poem, i was thinking about what i would write responding to it, and one thing i was planning on asking was, do you listen to AFI? of course, by the time i got to the bottom of the post, I had seen you sig. quoting davey havok. this poem reminds me of This Celluloid Dream in Sing the Sorrow. I love that song...so yeah, this poem was extremely enchanting...I look forwards to seeing more of your work on enotalone!

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Wow. Christopher that was... extraordinary. I loved it... I felt it all the way. From beginning to end. Excellent. I would like to say some of it is wordy. Like the words are a little too extravagent for it to feel like it is more from the heart.


I want to say though, that it was ABSOLUTELY beautifully written and it made me feel... amazing to finish.


Hit me on a great beat.



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