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Two Very Important Questions About Two Girls

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First Scenario

There's a really shy and quiet girl in my English class, who I cannot talk to, becuase I'm very shy and nervous. Well, I asked her today (we are in the same class for 12 weeks now) what country she's doing on our culture project. China. I'm doing Japan, so I told her that it's basically the same and we ended our conversation about sushi. ^_^


But I never got the chance to ask her name or to introduce myself.


Q1: How can I do that? How should I tell her? Just go up and tell her that "What's your name? Mine's ~Fusion Rabbit~?"


What we usally do is, though, that we look at each other in class and than suddenly look at our desk...I don't know if she doesn't look at me because I'm "Not Worthy" or because she's intrested in knowing stuff about me.


Second Scenario

I have a friend, who's name is Jessica. Now, I really like her, but I'm not sure if she likes me at all. I'm 15, she's 17 for starters. And because of this, she's much smarter than me. And she's almost the only one who can understand my horrible accent (if I have one...is it a turn off?)...

Anyways...this is the case...Once (or twice...) I told her how lame I am and stupid and stuff. For no reason. I don't know why I did that. Now she's seems like she doesn't like me anymore like before.

Before she invited me over to her house, then she came over. She even played with my hair a bit and told me how smooth it is. And she gave me flirty smiles and eyes...I fell in love with her.



+ We are not in the same classes.


+ She told me I write good song lyrics.

+ She always laughs at my "jokes"


Q2: How do I show her that I'm the same guy she met a month ago? And that I have confidence?

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well yeah for starters learn the lesson to never put yourself down. confidence & self worth is a major turn on.


ok so jus pretend u never said it. its not that big of a deal, u coulda been joking for all she knows. play it off & just be yourself. tell her about some things you strongly believe in. strong morals & beliefs are a sure sign of confidence, self sureness, & strong individuality. talk about your music & be proud of your talents. show her how cool of a guy you are. but dont over do it. just-be-you.



goodluck, (not that ull need it!)



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...I didn't got a chance to talk to the girl in English class, because the teacher was early, so she opened the door to the classroom...and I didn't really wanted to talk to her when the teacher was with us. It made me feel weird.

Anyways, we have a homework this weekend, so I can ask what kind of poem did she choose. And she seems to like literature...

Nah, thank you again for the advice.

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Well, I was thinking about Jessica...I'm wondering what she really thinks about me...


On Friday, she acted rather flirty with me. She looked happy when she saw me after class, because she was smiling and asked me how was my day so far. Then she offered me to give me DanceDance Revolution for the computer, so I could play it in WebDesign class if I get bored...then she started to look into my eyes deeply and she smiled while doing it...and we were walking, so it's pretty hard to look into each other's eyes, while people are around, since you don't want to bump into anyone.


And on Thursday she told me that she's missing WebDesign class.

...We were in that class together, but she was advanced for it, so she had the chance to move up. She asked me if I want to go with her, I wanted, but the teacher didn't let me. (Though the teacher reliazed that I'm good, she still didn't wanted me to leave)


I don't know what's going on...I tought she didn't liked me after I said how loser I am, representing myself as a guy with no confidence and self-esteem...


But before this happened, she told me that she hates that when guys became friends with her, so they can go out with her. So, I was like, okay, I'm not going to make a move, because that would ruin our friendship...


So what's happening? And what should I do?

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Yeah...yeah...she hates me. Who? The girl who I used to hang out with.


I'm in a computer academy, which held a meeting in a classroom...where she has her first period. Now, I saw her, but she didn't even say "Hi"! Then after ten minutes I saw her flirt with an other guy...just like he did it with me a month ago! I was quite sad...but I moved on...


Then when the meeting was over, I went out of the classroom, but she didn't say "Bye" or "I didn't see you" or anything like that...

I saw her AGAIN in the art room...oh yeah..she said "hi"...of course I didn't cared anymore.


But there's more! She didn't AIMed me for 2 weeks now, she didn't called me for 1.5 months nor did we hang out.


As I see it, she has a crappy personality and she's pretty immature. Why? Why can't she tell me what did I do?

Is there anybody who agrees on that she is completely immature for a 17 year old girl?


[i thought I should tell you guys what's up....thank you for the advices though]

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