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Old ex boyfriends new girlfriend

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Basically I had a relationship with this guy in highschool, we were each others first loves and all that. We dated for a year and a half and up until middle of 2010 we were on and off. We have barely spoken and havent seen each other since the last time we hooked up which was right before I went away to college. He started dating someone and so did I-no big deal. Him and that girlfriend broke up but I was dating my most recent boyfriend when that happened...blah blah blah. Now he has a new girlfriend who I've never met, and the only connection to one another is my ex. Anyways a week or so ago my ex sent me a follow request on instagram I seriously didn't think anything of it and then two days later his ex is asking to follow me on there as well and sending me a facebook friend request. I think this behavior is totally bizarre. Would you accept those requests?

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