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how does he do it?

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I'm trying to figure this out: My roommate/buddy is in college like I am but lately he's been having more sex than I am. It's not really a big issue, (because school and work are my passions right now) but it makes me curious because his personality doesn't seem like the type that would sexually attract women. Remember Lurch? From the Addams Family? My buddies and I have joked around with the notion that he acts just like the doorman because he talks in a near monotone and acts dull at college parties. When I ask him about his strategy he usually says: "I don't know, I just get lucky."


I know that everyone has their own particular style for attracting the opposite sex, but I thought it was well understood that witty observations, touch or flirtatious and humorous talk is essential in building chemistry between a man and a woman. So is he just BSing or are there really situations where guys can practically do nothing and still have success?



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of course people can just luck out. Sometimes a girl is really horny, sees a guy that she finds acceptable and moves in for the kill, It happens.


Your friend probably has some secret charm that you and possibly he isn't aware of. Maybe he's a good listener? Coould be many things, the fact that he isn't desperate and looking to get laid would help too.


He could just be in the right place at the right time, but if it's happening often he probably has something working for him (Not that it would work for you, everyone's different eh ;o) )

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WOW ...lol i know i would never go for someone like that ..nor do i like random sex...not too fulfilling...im sure there are very loose girls at these college parties maybe his ''secret'' is that he has a knack for picking these lil hussies out of a crowd ....doesnt seem like a great catch tho ...him or the girls hes having sex with ...

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Actually, I read an article that says average looking guys get laid more than really good looking guys.


So basically, girls aren't as intimidated by him because he is average looking.


Girls I think look at a guy like that and think he:


A) Hasn't slept with that many women, and so he is safer to sleep with.

B) Probably wont turn them down, because they figure he doesnt get hit on often.

C) Probably wont go and brag to his friends, because they wouldn't believe him....

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