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i really like her,but does she really like me?


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i paint in a studio once or twice a week, and theres this really cute/hot girl that is there the same days as me. yesterday, i started a short conversation with her to "break the ice"...... a couple questions.....


1)how should i proceed? i want to be friends with her, and i dont know what my next step should be....


2)i really like her, but how can i tell if she likes me? i hear that there are ways of telling, like eyecontact and stuff, what others are there? what should i look for?


thaks a lot for reading this, please give me youre advice

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i am a fellow artist! but to your question...body language is def a way on picking up if someone is interested... smiles ..eye contact ..when u look at someone admiringly ..i think it seems like their eyes are just glimmering... i believe i heard before if they stand sqare to you and not turned side ways or n e thing ..and just keep talking to her bout common interests..then maybe she will start flirting..standing close brushing of bodies...joking punch or such ..ya know ...you are young but you will pick up on these things ..good luck ! and keep up the painting such a great past time

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Hi there,

The answer to number1 is flirt with her, notice her and comment on what she is wearing, tease her playfully about something she says or does ( no insults though) just be yourself and be friendly. Be a gentleman always.


The answer to number two is not so easy. Notice if she laughs at your jokes, tries to get closer to you, teases you back and touches you ( like hit's your arm and such) How does she look at you? Does she act like she wants to spend more time with you?


Everyone behaves a little different when they like someone, but when they don't like someone they behave about the same. I usually avoid someone I don't like and I don't laugh at their jokes or engage them in conversation for very long. I especially don't touch them or let them touch me.


I hope this helps a bit.

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