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Should I ask her out before leaving town?


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There is a girl who I have been contemplating asking out for a while now. She works in the wine and spirits section at my grocery store, and the last couple times I walked in I have made it a point to make eye contact with her and smile at her. She smiles back. We always end up making small talk when I'm checking out. Anyway, the vibe is there for both of us, and I am not fearing rejection as I think every time I go in she is waiting for me to ask her out, I am just very shy and have never asked a girl out before.


But my situation now is that I just got a new job, and I will be out of town training next week. I will be leaving town this Saturday and getting back next Saturday or Sunday. I know it's only a week, and I have gone this long without even properly introducing myself - We have not even exchanged names.


So should I just not do anything until I get back or should I go in tonight and try to set up a date for sometime before Saturday evening? I have thought about just giving her my number so she can text me when she has time (the last couple times I have been there she has been kind of busy and I haven't been able to really talk to her, let alone ask her out), but then I don't want to just get to know her through texting for a week either. So I'm just trying to get your all's take on it.


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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she has to be nice because she works in retail, I wouldnt think that her being friendly is a signal for you to ask her out! When I worked in retail, a guy asked me out and I realized that I was flirting with everyone as part of my job. Are there are indications that she likes you?

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I remember you!!! It's been like two months! You haven't asked her out? I stand by my old post in your original thread about making small talk and mentioning something and see if she takes the bait "oh I've been really wanting to try that new Peruvian restaurant. Have you heard of it?"


"Oh no I haven't! Tht sounds yummy!"


Or the thing I suggested about finding out what kind of alcohol she likes and then finding a tasting to offhandedly invite her to. If its offhand it can sound like a friendly thing or like a date. Either way you'll know her answer

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Yes buddha, I still haven't asked her out. There have been days where I was ready to do it, but she was either not working, or as I said, they just had to many customers to find the right moment. It's gotten to the point where I am ready to ask her, but of course now I will be gone for a week so I don't think now is a good time.

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Okay, laugherty, I don't think you should ask her out. But I am wondering, do you already have a reason to not ask her out when you get back from that trip?


Rather than making excuses why you shouldn't do it now, how about this...if you ask her out before you leave, and it doesn't go well, at least you won't have to see her for a week without starving.


I think now's the time.

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