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I'm so confused... what should I do about him?

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OK well there's this guy... lets call him Jay. I've been getting some mixed signals and I was hoping someone could help me out. He is in one of my classes and he sits WAY over on the other side of the room so i never really get a chance to talk to him. I first noticed him and thought he was cute and then we began looking at each other. It got to the point where we were constantly making eye contact. My friend Steve knows Jay so I told Steve about it.


Steve told Jay I like him and apparently he said "yea I can tell, she looks at me a lot" I was talking to steve and I said "Maybe I should just forget about the whole thing" as I was feeling a bit discouraged. Steve said "No don't do that... he checks you out. I saw him checking you out in the library, and he hinted around it when I was talking to him." Today my friend Rachel saw Jay in the hall and was talking to him about me and again he said "yea she looks at me a lot" I'm getting really frustrated because he looks at me all the time in class. In fact, every time I go to look at him he's sitting there looking at me. So he looks at me just as much as I look at him if not more.


The fact that he looks at me seems like a good sign, but the things he says to other people make it sound like I'm just some girl that looks at him a lot. I feel SO stupid yet I can't help wondering why he would look at me if he's not at least a little bit interested. Its like he hasn't said anything really bad, but he hasn't said anything good either. I'm very confused. Anyways, my friend told him that I'm kind of shy and I've been wanting to talk to him but I hardly ever see him, so she told him he should talk to me.


Right after she talked to him, we had class with him and I decided not to look at him as much. Every time I went to look at him though, he was already looking at me. Does anyone know why he's doing this? I have heard he is shy but its like he won't tell anyone what he thinks about me. If anyone has any ideas as to whats up with him, or suggestions on what I should do I would appreciate it a LOT!


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Well, doing the "Talk through friends" thing is cute for a little bit, but I wouldn't recommend doing it for much longer. If you want to have the relationship, go for it! If he likes you, then if you start the relationship, he will most certainly say yes and go along with it. Theres only one way to see him more, and thats to go and talk to him more. I wish you luck.


Oh and thanks, I never knew why girls did that thing about ignoring you after you thought they liked you. I could never figure it out.

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Dear Skittles,

He definitely likes you. I can tell, I used to be like him myself. Lemme guess... he's the shy type, most of his friends are guys, he hangs around mainly with guys, and is hardly seen being close with a girl. He's either never been in a relationship before, or had one or two failed attempts. This guy may project an air of confidence around him, but he's actually very insecure inside. Ehehehe... that was me 3 years ago, thank god I've moved on


Now for a little bit of analysis.

I'm sure he likes you, but he is unsure whether you like him too. That's why he doesn't dare to make a move. He's waiting for you to make the next move. If he's telling his friends how you look at him alot, it's a shy guy's way of trying to get your attention and getting you to make the next move. It's a good sign! I'm sorry if his actions made you feel insecure or worried. Sometimes we guys can be really insensitive, we don't know how girls react to our actions and we may hurt them unintentionally.


What will he do next? And what should you do?

If you don't make a move soon, he'll probably step him his attempts to get you to notice him!!! He'll suddenly be very close to another girl in front of you! He'll want you to sit up and take notice! That's a shy guy's way of telling you to make a move! Don't be discouraged then! Go after him!


I'm sorry if I sounded boastful in my post, but I think you're feeling rather insecure right now. I won't be helping you if I said "maybe he likes you". I am certain that he likes you and I'm just trying to show you how certain I am of that in my language.


All the best and keep us posted!

If you need more advice do drop me a PM. I don't browse these boards often now, so a PM will be the fastest way to reach me.

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