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This morning my boyfriend and I talked about our sex

life issue. He claimed that I didn't show and give

enough my passion--manly strong touch, hot and wild

sex.I don't know what is happening in me. I loves hot

sex as well and am always turned on by his great body.

But when we start the intimacy, I start to think what

he likes me to do, how I can please him and all those

stress and tensions. I don't know what he likes

because he barely shows me what he enjoys. Sometimes

he gets so frustrated from not get the wild side of

me. When ask what I should do, he says I have to keep

learning and practicing. How can I give him the hot

sex that he and I can enjoy? How can I call back my

wild side? Our relationship is shaking. Please, save

our love.

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alright go to the bookstore and get a self help book ...soooo many ppl publish ways to light the flame in your love life again! and if u go to borders or somewhere like that u can read up with out buying hehe..try new positions ..and dont think about the sex ..just think about how much you love this guy ..and the rest will come!!!! good luck hope i was helpful

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practice makes perfect and there are tons of reading materials out there that can give you tips to please your guy but the best thing to do is ask him what really wants. be open to him and tell him that you are bothered and you're trying to give your best but he must do his part and tell you what he wants so you can both enjoy.if he really loves you, he must understand. besides, though sex is one element of a relationship, it's not the whole thing. i think it's not right to consider your relationship "shaking" just because of your sexual problems. if you cannot deal with your deficiencies in this aspect of your relationship, you can improve in other matters like the way you care for him or help him with his problems. if he leaves u merely for the reason that he's not satisfied with your performance...well, that's a different story.

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Thank you so much for your advice. I will ty that for sure. You're right. I totally forgot what I really wanted at that moment. In my past 2 relationships, I had great sex life. Both of my boyfriends that time even told me (hope they didn't lie to me )that I was good at it.


With the current one, who I love and want to spend my life with, I care too much about him till it makes me so tense. I just want to please him. Seems like what I do it doesn't satisfy him--not the way he likes. He complains when my mouth is doing the job, my hands don't or vice versa. What should I do then?


The reason I used the word "shaking" because it really is. He said if he couldn't enjoy it, he might tempt to go do with other people who can please him more. It just upsets me to hear that.

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