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when do you no when a friend is no more?

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when my ex desided to brake up with me. we disdied to remain good friends.(the brake up was in the june) but lately iv not seen her well over a mouth and we hardly txt now. and if we do its very short. we are at the same uni but diffrent couses and some of r friends r the same


we both keep sayin lets meet up 4 a chat but she saids she is very busy or we dont make any arangment. the thing is she met up 2day with me house mate for the day.(she is a girl)


my Qs is when do u now when it is time to move and not be friends any more? or am i just being stupid and just let it be.


(it is herting me knowing that this friendship is going down hill)

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i dont wont to go back with her as the relashionship did not work out 4 many resorns.


we were really good friends b4 we went out and the biggest consern was that r friendship wood last atfer the brake up.


i try and txt or phone my friends at least once a week or may be even more then that

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i know what you mean, reflex. sometimes these things happen, and with ex's it's especially hard. the friendship you had is good because you know each other so well. but it's also complicated because there are sometimes those other feelings. well, i think you should let go for now. just be cool about it. if you run into her, have a good talk, but don't make plans to see her.


she sounds like she wants some space. i know that's sad, but it doesn't mean that what you had together before wasn't good. you still have good memories together, and it's okay to just remember those times.


life will bring you many friends. maybe it's time to go find them and develop those friendships!

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