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Is it wierd that the election is making me feel lonely?

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It's 11:30 on election night.


My ex works for one of the national networks that is covering this election. I'm watching the news because I like this stuff, but I'm trying not to watch that station. But I keep clicking on it thinking... he's right there behind the cameras. He's right there.


This is so weird. I hate the idea that I know where he is at this moment. Or maybe it's that his life seems more important than mine right now.


I just needed to tell someone. Is anyone there? I'm not sure what it is that I'm feeling. Other than... empty.


Way to make a major news story all about me. lol.

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Your posting made me laugh!!!!


But seriouslyI don't think it weird at all. Of course you are gonna be thinking about him. I had the same thing happen to me only yesterday. Melbourne Cup day yesterday when Aussie and a good part of NZ come to a standstill during the big race. I'm not one to bet on the horses and normally Melbourne Cup day passes with me hardly noticing but THIS year I watched every news item on the day because I knew my ex was gonna be there. SAD MOVIES!!!


Anyway...way to make YOUR posting all about ME!!!!


Be your own news headline i reckon!...and thanks for the chuckle.

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That's okay, raccoon. I know how tough it is to not be part of the action. Especially when your ex is occupied with a big event like this, and you're at home not doing as much.


I don't know how long you and your ex have been split, but these thoughts and feelings will come along every now and then. I still think of my ex now and then, and we broke up last year! Some connections will always be there, but they get less painful -- even NOT painful -- over time.


Just be patient with yourself. You'll feel better in the morning, I should think.


Personally, I was feeling lonely this evening too! But my loneliness has more to do with having friends (women) who are extremely good at certain things, and they get a lot of attention for their skills/talents. Me, I'm good at things, but not at anything the people take notice of (like, I'm good at being organized. whooopee.)


But, I just realized that I should focus on the things that I enjoy, not on the stuff that "gets attention." So tonight I'll write up a list of things I like, just to remind me that I am unique too.

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