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the girl i like doesnt want a boyfriend help please help


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this is a very hard thing for someone to do and that is to change a girls mind, im attempting to do it with any help i can get.

ok to start off i am crazy about this girl so i will do anything i have to do to get her.

now we are more than friends and we have made out many times but thats as much as we have done. i really like her and wanted to ask her out but i guessed from the way she just is thats she doesnt like having boyfriends so instead of just going ahead and asking her out i asked her how she felt about having a boyfriend and that if i knew she would like to have one that i would definitly ask her out. she told me just what i expected that she likes me but just would rather not have a boyfriend no matter who it is but we can still continue to do what we do every once and a while. now i said ok but i still really like her and have no one els in my life that i even think about so i know i need to get her and change her mind so she will go out with me .

so i need help from anyone out there to tell me what u think i should do to get her to change her mind and want to go out with me

a girls opinion will help even more but anyone who reads this please post a response on how i can get her to want to go out with me... if its even possible

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The more you pressure her and the harder you push her, the more you will push her AWAY from you!


Look, I know rejection is not fun, and it's hard to cope when someone we're interested in doesn't return our feelings. Nonetheless, you need to accept that this girl isn't interested in a boyfriend and move on with your life.


If you really value her as a person and as a friend, you'll let go of her. Not only will holding on cause you more grief as she continues to reject you, it will also likely cost you her friendship.

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dont try and pressure her into something she really doesn't want...she'lll just move farther and farther away and you can do more damage than good. I'm sdure there is a deeper reason for her not wanting a b/f and it is probably a good one. It's hard to change a girls minbd and often not a good idea. I believe you should just try and accept it. You don't have to stop liking her but you shouldn't try and pressure her to change her mind

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Was in a simular situation which I will not go into as It's something I would rather forget. I know you really like her but there is a chance that she could end up using you. You can't change someones mind as I learnt well. If you don't let go your going to emotionally distroy yourself. You really do need to let go of her and move on. The worst thing you could do is keep doing things with her because it will just make it harder for you to heal. Because I thought I could do the same thing and it backfired.

I hope you can get over her.


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