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Whats up with girls

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I dont get it. I've been with a girl for 6 months and the last week we have been in a break, not a break up which I think the first one is worse, caus eits like have your cale and eat it to. The problem is why do girls allow for a relationship get to the point that it serious and you fall in love but than turn around and say I need time.


Why cant you ladies to that in the beginning tells us take things slow, instead of letting us go throught all this pain. Jesus man


Im starting to maybe wanna go gay.

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Believe it or not you guys do this too. I was in a relationship with my best friend about 6 months ago and we went out for 6 months. But I didn't get the whole 'I need a break' thing. I got the whole breaking up, getting back together and getting told that he used me. This break could be a really good thing for you two. Think when you get back together you can look on things in a different light right? Maybe she felt smuthered or maybe she needs to think about how she feels? Maybe she has a lot to do or it could be family problems. There could be many reasons for this 'break' but if it's not a break up then I'd think about it when the break ends.

I hope everything goes well for you and that things work out. But really I think it's equal on bothsides. Everyone hurts eachother in love thats how life works. We just need to try our best and hope that one day we will find 'that person'.

Good luck.


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