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my Best friends girl likes me

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Ok heres the deal


My "best friend" had a GF, and like he was unfaithful, so Jon, (My Best Friend)

3 wayed his gf when i was talking to him.. why?im not sure. anyway jon stated getting caught in lies... and the girl is a really nice girl, and she dosnt need need to be with someone who cheats on her behind her back... so i told her some stuff.. and jon got mad.. and like i told her everything about jon... and like yea she broke up with him. i feel i didnt do anythign wrong. jon hates me and stuff.. i dont care.


now heres MY problem


ive told her i have a gf, and she knows it and is cool with it i guess..

but shes been calling me like EVERYDAY almost EVERY HOUR... and i like it. i admit, and we havnt seen each other yet.. i will meet her at her church this wednesday. and i dont know.. it seems like shes falling for me... we have a lot in common. and i dont know.... its not right that im talking to her so much cuz my gf is like getting kind of angry that im talking to her all the time..


what should i do? if i should let her down whats a nice way?

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I´m sorry but I totally don´t agree with your ratting out your friend to his girlfriend like that. What you could´ve done was maybe advise your friend, or maybe even threaten to tell his girlfriend if he didn´t stop cheating. But, even then, it was none of your business. And the fact that you said it right in front of your friend is even more apalling to me.


What horrifies me is that you seem to have done all of this because you wanted the girl for yourself, not because you felt "sorry" for her. She doesn´t even care you have a girlfriend now, so she is obviously no saint herself. Isn´t there some unspoken code of ethics between guys and dating eachother´s girlfriends? AND you already have a girlfriend. So what makes you so different from your friend?


What to tell the girl? How about "I have a girlfriend". If she can´t get that through her thick head, then nothing will. Unless you want to go ahead and cheat on your girlfriend. I just hope your friend doesn´t find out though.

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I think you did the right thing by telling the girl that her boyfriend was cheating. Having been in the girls position before, I was very thankful to be told that my boyfriend was cheating on me. His best friend was actually the one who told me because his best friend and I had been friends for years and couldn't stand the thought of me getting treated like that. I respect what you did! It shows what kind of person you are! Good for you!


As for the girl, tell her you have a girlfriend and ask her to back off. OR stop answer the phone. It is that easy, she will eventually get the hint. However, if you like her you need to break up with your girlfriend before this goes any further. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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I don't know.


If one of my friends was cheating on his girl, it would depend on how well I know her. I have my friend's back before the girl.


Whatever the case, you will have lost your friend. Yes, he was doing something bad, but it's not my business.


On another note, if you get into a relationship with your friend's now ex. There will be much animosity. I would be infuriated. I wouldn't go there. At all.


There are just too many girls out there that won't cause that much drama.

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so did i do somthing wrong?


i even 3wayed to my gf... its perfectly clear now that she knows... but i can tell she likes me alot, the phone calls, the fact she calls me baby? the baby part dosnt bother me much...



im lost and dont know what to do

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