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well i just finished reading Paradise Lost in school, and it really intrigued me. i'm not a religious person but i enjoyed reading about Genesis but at the same time I wonder why "the fall of man" was such a bad thing.. yeah i notice that most of these poems around here are about depression and suicide and all, i wonder if my posts are kinda unwelcome. i'm a happiness type person though what can i say.



The pearl-bearded king, atop his lofty mount

Rules with gilded fist over idyllic Eden

Alluring a lovely lady, woman of vain opulence

To a Jade tree resplendent in succulent fruit.


But too delicate, innocent are the hearts of this land

As the swift streams pulse with promise in heated blood

Twisted light, filtered through earthly delusions of Paradise

Spawn of malevolence, may Knowledge be my birthright.

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