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We like each other but are very shy


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I've been getting to know a girl I met through a friend of mine. We do stuff every week mostly together but sometimes with our friends too . We e-mail each other daily and talk on the phone a lot when we can't get together.


We both like each other a lot. The problem is I feel she wants more but I don't know what to do. My friends have tried to push me along but I don't know what I should do. We go see a movie and we just both sit there. Im scared to even hold her hand. I know she likes me but I just don't know how to make a move. I think the fact I don't make physical contact bothers her.


Last week we went to a haunted house thing with a group of friends (both hers and mine). We walked and talked together but never really got close.


I think she wants somthing more but I am afraid to do anything. What if she freaks out. I think she wants more but what if I am wrong.


Its strange because we are very close in every way but physical.


Any advice for my situation would be greatly appreciated. Im a little new to this and both of us are very shy.

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no girl that you are very close like that with will mind... me and my curent girlfriend sound soooo much like this thing.... Constantly talking ( even at night when we arn't suppose to ) sneakin out to talk and everything... i know.....just kiss her.......more when you guys are alone because it makes it better and easier and like more romantic to remember you know?? My girlfriend told me how long she' had bein waiting for it to happen............ Sorta makes you just want to sit and stair....So ya man just start off slow...i dont know exactly how far youve gone.... start with hugs... ( preferbally god buy hugs and hello hugs )... And then everynow and then holding on to ( like hugs but longer )... Then after she's all confortable... Kiss ... After that man if she didn't like it then dont do it....if she did....then do it again.... hope that helped....oh and do it out of no where.... it makes them remember it better..

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