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One of kind ;) 2nd!!

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heh.... well...... i just cant do it.... it seems i really am shy around this girl........but i just cant do it for some reason.... her work looks pretty busy everytime i walk by, so i cant even talk to her at work.... she gets off work before me and comes into the place i work to get a few things (drinks, food.......i work at a mall deli/restaurant)....she comes in and we talk a bit..... like today.... she came in and grabbed what she came for.....we said hi and talked about work and school..... it was THE PERECT TIME to ask her out, but i just couldnt do it for some reason!! WHY? WHY CANT I DO IT??? I HAVE PERFECT CHANCES AND I EVEN KNOW HOW TO ASK HER OUT, BUT IM JUST TOO FRIGGIN DAMN SHY!! there is not much that you can tell me of how to overcome my shyness though..... and that sucks.....!! we talk lots, but it is never, what are you doing tonite or anything like that..... its always about school and work.... the business chat.......


do u think i could actually ask her that question????


lets do some role playing

(i walk into class.... i sit down and she then walks in)

ME- hi

HER- hi

ME- how are you?

HER- pretty godd and you?

ME- not too bad

(this usually happeneds)

**(the person who sits beside her walks in)**

ME- *@#^ (silently)

ME- so, you finish your homework?

HER- no, did you?

ME- me? ha.... not likely

HER- *laughs*

ME- ....ya

(then she turns around and looks toward the teacher)






now what should i do?? should i wait until the end of class or ask her what she is doing tonite now??


(*all of that role playing is made from actual words that came out of our mouths*)


but, ya.... her name is Genvieve or Gen for short,.... what could i do???



thnx again in advance........[/b]

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I delt with this alot through highschool, there are a couple things you could do to help yourself along.


First get her number, it means alot less to ask for someones number who you already know, you can then call her and get to know her more. Making it easier to interact with her. If you don't just want to straight up ask for her number you can think of a legitmate excuse eg: when you talk to her at your work ask her a question about homework, but while she is explaining it think of something that cant wait such as "oh no my boss doesnt want me talking to friends at work" and ask her if she can explain it over the phone. Just if you get her number this way, make sure you go beyond talking about just homework on the phone. Hopefully after talking to her you will have a better idea of what she thinks of you (although it seems too me like she is interested). This will make asking her out in person a whole lot easier.


Don't ask her out over the phone, trust me its better if you do in person. You can however let her know you like her over the phone, her reaction again will only make it easier for you to ask her out.

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Just ask yourself, what's the worst thing that could happen? Play that scenario out in your head, what you would say. The bottom line for this is that only way to fix shyness is to go right through it.


Now in terms of what to do with THIS girl, I agree with the previous poster. Why put so much pressure on yourself by "asking her out"?? Why not just ask for her number to call her some time, and go from there?? It's easier on the both of you really...

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