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I dated a gal for 16 months, we split up because she said I was sufficating her. During the 2 weeks we split she called me, I didnt call her. We ended up getting back together, where I than proposed to her. She said yes. A month later we went out and picked a ring for her. A month after that she broke up with me again because i was sufficating her still. I just had a hard time with her going to parties were she could get into trouble. 4 days later she starts to date this guy who always threw the parties. This gentlemen is currently out of jail on bail for rape, the second time he has be accused. He doesnt drive, and neither does she. A week later my buddy talked to her and she said she still loved me, and started crying, she also said she was kinda sorta seeing this guy.


We exchanged emails the second week, she was very distant. The last email I wrote was to wish her the best, and she was going to make some guy happy one day, its to bad it wasnt me. I miss her so much, she was absolutely perfect to me. I could honestly say I would spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy.


I guess this question is for the ladies. I was with my 18 yr old fiancee for 2 years. She picked up a new bf just days after we split. She said shes liked him for a month but a month ago she picked out her engagment ring .


My question is. Can girls really get over there ex's that fast, fill me in on their mindset. Is it that easy? Getting back together chances? Anything. Help me.

What do I do to try and get her back? Is there even any hope?

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whoa!!! she is probably afraid of commitment. she got with a guy now where she thought 'hey commitment wont be a problem an ex-con doesnt want commitment.' but maybe deep down she does want it & sees that in you & admires that & wants to be that but simply just isnt ready. as for her new beau being a rapist...ummmm wat is she thinking!??!? i wish i knew wat to say!!! she needs to get her **** together!!! im so sorry for the pain & confusion ur going thru is unreal. the least i can say is i sympathize with you & i think u should leave her alone for a while...







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Thanks for the help. She claims she only knows the reason she trusts him. She sent an email were she was angry and said there was no future for us. Im assuming its anger becasue it was a day after she talked to my buddy, and she was not at all as angry, and I hadnt talked to her. Any more advise?

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Update: I went to the store where she works. I seen her for the first time in a week. She was smiling and blushing extremely. I didnt make eye contact, nor did I acknowledge her. She was behind the counter with another cashier, when i handed my money my hand was obviously shaking. Did I do the right thing? What was she smiling for?

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