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Get number from her or mom?


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Much recommended to talk to her again.


It'll give you a chance to get to see her again. If you like her then hopefully you will see much more of her in the future, so why not stay now.


It is kind of awkward for your mom to know this girl already. Just means you have to tread more carefully, because you might get in trouble with your mom too if you mess something up


Trust me when I say she will appreciate it a lot more when you have the guts to ask her in person rather than going to your mom for her number.


ps. DBL I think you know what he means.

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If you suddenly called her she'd be pretty freaked if she didn't give you her number and/or you haven't talked to her much. Also, asking for a phone number from parents can be seen as a sign of weakness in a way - that is to say that women like guys with confidence. But, even if you don't have confidence thats ok! - just show her you are atleast able to have confidence in some of your actions. Good luck.

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By girl friend do you mean an actual girlfriend or just a female friend? If you mean girlfriend you should prolly have her phone number before you can consider it that. If you mean female friend then it depends. If you have interest in her I'd say call her. If you don't have interest in her and this post is just a "would it be weird if I asked my mom" sort of post then there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting it from your mom. If she asks just tell her your mom had it. Sorry the question was a little unclear but I'll assume you wanna ask this girl out on a date unless you posted in the wrong forum so yeah follow all these other peoples advice if you are going to get to see her again soon. But hey guess what, if you aren't going to get that chance soon, I'd suggest you do ask your mother for her number and call her. That way you'll get a move in faster and it will show you are thinking about her. And no it probably wont freak her out if you just say my mother happened to have it. I mean she probably knows your mother has it if your mother has it. Good luck.

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