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man... days like these (Halloween) are gnna suck...

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I think one of the worst things about a breakup are gonna be times liek this.


when you know your ex is probably out at the clubs or a party and more likley to hook up with someone. MY ex used to kinda be like that to a small degree in high school but nothing big. however when she graduated she was going out with me and meanwhile her friends turned into gigantic barstars.


I wonder if she'll turn into that now that we'e broken up and it's all her feinds liek to do. whats worse is i worry that she'll be even worse then they are now because she missed out on that. My mom thinks theres no way she'll get like that because she's not that kinda girl but i don't know just thinking about her doing some of the things i heard her friends do when we were going out makes mewant to puke.


I know it's really dumb to worry about such things i can't control and she's not my girlfriend anymore so what she does with her life is her choice but the thought just makes me feel sick to my stomach it makes me sick to think that someone else could have her, even if it's just her mear companionship for some night and it breaks my heart to think that she could have feelings or want to purseu someone else even if it's just to a small degree.


Someone's tried to set me up and i was sort of casualy dating a girl for a period and doing both just made me want my ex backmore I feel like i'm totally screwed. I even mentined to my ex i was hanging around with this other girl and she didn't seem t be that phased by it. God what the hell is wrong with me that i can't move on?


whats really worse is that i don't have any plans for haloween and the thought that i could be sitting at home while she is out living it up makes me feel even worse inside and it'll be easy for her because, even though she's shy she's a really hot girl and guys will aproach her. I'm a decent looking guy but i'm shy and really take rejection terrably and i don't have the desire to approach other girls... i'm trying to wrk on all this but still...


sigh... new years eave is still coming... i'll be twice a wreck then!


Woe is me... thanks for reading my stupid rant.

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I hate saturdays. Because I only got to see my ex during our brief time together was mainly saturdays (night mainly)/sundays. She was a really busy person (single mum) so was constantly working. The idea of course was that I would see her more often as we got closer.


Anyway, she went back to her ex because he was desperate for her back and they had only planned to break up temporarily, unfortunately i got caught in the middle of it. I think he has moved in with her for good now (going from a messeger she sent me saying that she was thinking of asking him to move in). The fact is that when it comes to saturday nights and im not out getting drunk or something, I keep having the horrible thought of her in bed with this other guy. I had so much fun with her and really felt something for her (amazingly strong feelings for the short time we were together), lying next to her I was so happy. I treated her so well and we got on great. But now her ex is there instead of me


I just hope he isn't a complete joke like half her exs she told me about. Although he is a hypocrite and a bit of a control freak by the sounds of it. Its funny, during the summer we were talking by tx, we had planned to meet up for a coffee as friends. She told me her bf found my messegers, and was furious about it. i say it is funny because he was mad at her and me despite the fact at the start of the year he basically screwed me over by chatting to her while I was seeing her and begging for her back. And now when im simply trying to have a coffee as friends (although i like her a lot, i know shes with him) he is going mental that im talking to her I just wish I could meet him to ask how he thought he made me feel at the start of the year. He obviously didn't think for 1 second that she was with someone else and just wanted her back. He didn't give one about me getting hurt. I guess most guys are like this. Im the stupid 1 probably because I wouldn't want to split up a couple on purpose just to get my wicked ways.


Its been a long time now though, so I don't feel so bad. Time is a healer. U will be ok.

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Your not alone. My future x wife is having the time of her life. I live in a new area and know nobody, so i'm stuck at home most of the time. I did go out by myself last night for a couple of hours.


It is always easier for the girl to bounce back because they always get more attention then guys do. Sounds like your relationship is done. I know the feeling of getting sick to your stomach...a lot of us go through that. We don't like to see the peole we cared for with someone else or doing stupid things. Unfortunately most people follow the footsteps of their friends. Very few stick to their morals.


Just hang in there and force yourself to have a good time.



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I know how you feel guys but I dont feel that way anymore. I remember last Halloween with my -ex- . It was a fantastic night and I plan to have as fun tonight as I had last year. The "she's having the time of her life while Im here alone in my apartment" feeling will fade away with time, believe me. And how do you know that your -ex- is having the time of her life? How? I know its hard but it is also possible for you to have fun. Maybe you dont feel like it but you are the only one to blame for not being happy. Go out, meet people and forget about her having fun, sex etc. Easier said than done but you will think the same way I do one day, with time. Wish you the best my friends,




***English is my second language***

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thanks for the advice guys!


unfortunately i'm in a real tough spot right now.


I'm not a party guy and though i'd be up for going to one tonight my friends are all pretty much like me.


my best friend is a party guy but he's away at school.


My other friends sometimes have parties or things going on but not this weekend. most of the time they just like to hang around together or go to movies and such.Which is what i really preferred to do with them anywaym back when i had a girlfriend.


so i'm tagging along to a resterunt with myother best friend andhis girlfriend. prbably because he's pittying me!


My new friends from school are all swamped with homework like me so they don't go out... so i can't meet anyone new.


I HATE being in this position. what the heck am i supposed to do?


Part of the reason why i liked being in a relationship so much was that idin't have to worry about things to do,


Now i'm forced back into the dating/socializing world and i hate being here.


I don't like parties and drunk people,but i have to try to keep going to them somehow because it's the only way i can meet someone who will be girlfriend material and i won't have to worry about this anymore.


Breakups suck extra for people like me. people who don't really have fun partying and just prefer companionship.


the worst part is i'm only 20!


I should be in my socializing prime! I'm a good looking friendly (but sort of on the shy side) guy but i'm wondering how the heck i can get into social situatins.


Man i really miss the way things were

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I don't like parties and drunk people,but i have to try to keep going to them somehow because it's the only way i can meet someone who will be girlfriend material and i won't have to worry about this anymore.


I can truly sympathise with you. I don't like going to parties or clubs... And basically my ex-girlfriend dumped me because she wanted to have fun and go to clubs!

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I recently broke up with my ex. Holidays are hard aren't they? I'm pretty sad too. I was invited to a party, but decided not to go. I need to feel alone. I need to heal my own heart and it has to break before it can heal. I need to realize my priorities in life and what I want to look forward to. Try to remember what made you happy before your ex. Try to rekindle your "old love of." I'll make it and you will too. Your definitely not alone.


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