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I need Present Advice Fast!

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Hello everyone, today I fnid myself in quite a jam. My Parents' anniversary is coming up and I completely forgot, I feel so bad now. I have no way of getting to a store other than a store like Safeway, or Albertsons. I need to get them something or do something nice for them, but I have no idea! I was thinking maybe some Flowers and a card, but that wouold be more for my mom than my dad. Any one have any ideas that I could do nice things as my present? I really need some help and quick, so any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Maybe you could just treat them all day, you know like basically be their servant, brekfast in bed etc???


What anniversery is it??? Is it a specifically important one like 10th?


Maybe, as you have access to safeways, you could whip them up a gourmet meal, just anything thoughtful, not neccesserily expensive or big, just something to show you care.


I'm sorry i'm not better at this, but i hope i've helped a bit.

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