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Did I totally ruin it?

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This is definitely an in depth story, but I'll make it as brief as I can. My ex of 7 months broke up with me because he "claimed" he wants to be alone, he has too much self hate to be with me, etc. I freaked out cause I thuoght he ws depressed because he's been acting really strange. I called his parents to warn them that something may be wrong.

Long story short, he found out, he flipped out on me, told me I was f*****d up, told me to stay out of his life and don't call "unless I have something to say".

I havent talked to him for 2 days. He broke up with me on Sunday Oct 24th.

Today a girl I very rarely talk to came up to me and told me he said he broke up with me because he "wasnt happy". She asked him if he was happy now, and he said "don't worry about it."


Does it honestly sound like Ive lost him forever because I told his dad about his possible depression? I really think it has, I mean.. he told me to stay out of his life. I just wanted another opinion... which would be much appreciated.

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I think he wants you to ring up and apologise for telling his parents. While you probably did it for the best of intentions he probably feels undermined as an adult and as a man. Of course this is only one aspect of it. He had already broken off with you for whatever reason. It could be because he is down or it could be because that was his way of ending it.

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I also would have been furious if you had shared, with my parents, something that I considered private and personal, although I understand you were probably scared and trying to help. Regardless, I'm not sure that there was anything for you to "ruin" since he had broken off with you already. He could be down, but I think he's using depression as an excuse to break off. If he's truly depressed, wait for him to reach out to you. You can't force your help on to him. Until then, I'd respect his wishes, as hard and painful as that might be.

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