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I actually got one compliment


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One of the waitresses noticed when i was wearing a hat becauce i have to now at work because i have long hair thta goes over my eyes darn bangs.Hats make my head itch damn them!But since my bangs werent covering my face all the way down to my nose.She said that i had pretty eyes i guess should i get a haircut and keep my hair short so it doesnt cover my eyes?Do u girls hate when guys have lon bangs that go over their eyes and stuff.cause thats how mine is.That kind of surprised me when she said that and like usual i said nah and didnt take the compliment.So maybe i should get a haricut .

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Nah, don't cut it off...bangs on a guy actually looks cute. Think of Matt Damon in the movie Goodwill Hunting. Or, Jared Leto in My So Called Life. If the waitress says that you have pretty eyes, that means she's paying you a fat compliment. She must think that you're cute.


Of all of the posts that I've seen you written, I hope that you take her compliments to heart, and seriously take a good look at yourself. Do not ever put yourself down. About the haircut, do it if you feel as though it might help, but don't cut it off if you actually feel comfortable with it.

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k ty mahlina cause i am sort of stuck here.Cause i love having long hair i mean not the type you guys might think of.But just the type that goes around your head like british people.When i have short hair it makes me feel weird.So ty mahlina for opening my eyes to what i like

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See? Look at all of the compliments that you're attracting so far!


You don't give yourself enough credit now, do you? I love Kit's comments too! Cousin It? LoL.


I have a feeling that the waitress actually digs your hairstyle. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't pay a complement to anyone, even if it's for a tip. I don't say things that I don't mean. Keep the hair.

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i have the same kind of hair as you shinobie haha except that my parents made me get it trimmed. Id say dont cut it, i really like my long hair even if i have to shake my head to keep it out of my eyes, plus when i got it trimmed it looked pretty awful for a few weeks. And from what ive seen there are very few girls who dont like the long hair

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