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I was right, he rejected me, still hurts????

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I kept telling my friends that he didn't like me as more than a friend, i insisted, they kept saying "you two should go out", i said it would never happen, i was right.


I guess a little part of me wanted my friends to be right, i took a VERY big risk for me, admitting my feelings, as i'm ultra shy, saying that he decided the rest, he said that he did still want to be friends, and he suspected i had feelings for him for a while.


Basically, he's gonna be cautious around me every time i'm there, and our friendship isn't going to be the same again.


I was right, he doesn't have feelings for me, and i've proved my other friends wrong, but in proving myself to them, i've been rejected, lost a guy friend pretty much, and made a complete fool of myself.


Why did this have to happen, even though my head knew the outcome already, my heart still wanted something different, i feel so low right now, i've lost so much.

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Listen, there is nothing wrong with taking risks. Sometimes, we just have to, or we'll never know. Also, you can't move forward if you don't take a step.


However, it seems you were really convinced before you talked to him that he wouldn't be interested. I am assuming you were convinced of this based on observing his behavior towards you for some time. So yeah, if you knew in your heart he wouldn't be interested, then you probably could have avoided all this by not asking him.


In the future, however, don't be afraid to take similar risks if you honestly don't know how the other person feels.

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Basically, yeh, i did observe how he acted towards me, half the time it seemed he was interested, the other half, it didn't, i've now lost one of my closest friends, in my heart i felt he did have feelings for me, but my head was telling me not to be so stupid, i guess i shouldn't let my heart rule my life and listen to my head more.

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