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Ok, I'm not sure if I believe in "fate".. as my experiences with such ideas have failed. but this situation confuses me.. ok, here's what happened. there's this girl I went to private school with.. we had a few classes together and even talked from time to time. I then ran into her a long time ago somewhere and she actually came up to me and started chatting.. this was probably last year.. after that, I never really thought about her too much until these past few weeks,and before this, I never really entertained the idea of asking her out on a date.. but lately I find myself thinking about her all the time.. mostly just kicking myself for not asking her out that first time I ran into her.. but, about 3 days ago, I saw her again.. at the bookstore, ironically, also accross the street from the place I saw her a year ago. I was with 3 other girls (all of which I have no romantic interest in).. so she just smiled and waved. I wanted to talk to her, but I wasn't really sure if it was a good idea given the situation . plus she was with her grandmother. anyways, isn't that odd? out of all the girls I went to school with and could've seen somewhere, its the one who's been on my mind lately.. now I know you're probably thinking subconsciously I wanted to see her again so I went to a place close to where I saw her last.. that would make sense, except it wasn't my idea to go to the bookstore. it was my friend's idea, and I never spoke of this girl to her.. anyways, what should I do? I don't want to find her number in our school directory, because, well, that would just be creepy.. but I really do want to see her again.. any help would be greatly appreciated.


--lost and confused in connecticut

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How likely are you to 'bump' into her again. I guess if you both live in a small town, or even village, then the chances are good.


If you both live in different towns and it was only a chance meeting, then you might have to take up the option of calling her, that is if you want to take her on a date.



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