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Flirting when you have an SO

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Is it wrong to flirt for fun with other guys or girls if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, as long as you don't intend to ever hook up with any of these flirtees?


What are everyone's opinions on this?


I think it's all right, as long as the flirting remains verbal. That means no touching or cuddling or close contact dancing, etc., but dancing without contact and flirting by teasing each other, telling jokes, etc. are okay. Basically, the kind of flirting you might do for fun with a friend of the opposite sex.

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i think u can be a charming person which can be on the border line of flirting at times. so i think it's okay as long as nothing is intended and no wrong impressions are intentionally given. U can't completely quit talking and having fun with others people b/c of a relationship your in. You should just be who you really are without trying hard to act "flirty."


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There is a part you forget. I been in a couple of fights over my one of my girlfriends being "friendly". In all the cases, they flirt harmlessly...the guy thinks he has a shot with her, now he figures there is only one thing in his way...that would be me! So here I am fighting somebody, just because my girlfriend was friendly. It is unfortunate that guys take this flirting to heart. I never instigated any of these fights and honestly did not care that much about the girl to have to fight about it.


So piece of advice...don't flirt with any guys that can beat your boyfriends up.All in all it is alright to be friendly, but make sure that people know where you stand with your man.



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I think it all comes down to whether or not you would act this way if your significant other was standing right next to you as you did it.


Ask yourself this each time you get ready to say or do something around another member of the opposite sex and it will probably curb most of it.


Also, would you like for your significant other to say/do the things you do, with others, when you're not around?


The answers to these questions always make these sort of questions clear to me, anyway. It kind of puts it in a different perspective.

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If you have to fight to keep your girlfriend, I'm sorry, but are you sure she is your girlfriend to begin with?


A girlfriend should be able to stand up for herself and say that she is flattered, but is in a commited relationship.


Having to fight someone to keep guys away means something isn't right. What if you're not there to fight them off? She runs away with someone else?

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Old Guy,


Your absolutely right...I do need a better class of people. I have actually been hanging out with a better class of people, and they are snobs. I need to find a "so so" class of people.





I never said that I had to fight to keep my girlfriend. I did state that I did not care enough about them for me to have to fight over them. I never had a choice of not fighting because it just happens so quickly. I would of prefrerred not to fight over it. I even had a go with a on duty cop one night.



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I dated this one guy who was a natural flirt. Almost everywhere we went he would strike up a conversation with a people. The waitress, the salesgirl --you name it. What usually happened was that these girls would look over at me surprised because I was right there next to him. It was harmless because he was very faithful. I think even men had non-sexual crushes on him. funny. ( I think it helped that I wasn't insecure)


He is a very good looking guy and a bit younger than I am sooo.. on the downside I had women giving me ugly looks when we went out. One time there were some girls throwing little pieces of paper at us--to get his attention. I was getting that look from women that says : what is a guy like him doing with a girl like her?


He liked me

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I don't see flirting as being a problem whatsoever. However, it depends on what you would consider as 'flirting'.


My boyfriend used to accuse me of flirting with his roommates and paying them more attention than I paid him. I never saw it that way though, I am just a naturally talkative and friendly person, where he is more intoverted and sometimes quiet/ reserved (not when it's just he and I though).


If I saw my boyfriend actually touch another girl in a way that wasn't 100% friendly, I would probably get pretty jealous.

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I remember one time being at a bar with one of my x girlfriends, and one of her best friends were down, which was a guy. I couldn't count how many times her hand landed on his leg and and how many times she swung her hair. I already did not like this guy from a few years before when his gang tried jumping me 30 on 2 over mistaken identity, so I know he was a bit uncomfortable because of the history. My x was doing this flirting on purpose because it was just too much flirting. Even her friend was commenting about what she was doing. She always said that she heard stories about me, but would like to see some of them stories for herself. I got up and walked away and seen a girl I knew my x was jealous of and flirted with her for a while.


Anyway that was a bad night.



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DBL, you have some horrible ex-gfs.


I don't see anything wrong with flirting either. Most of the time I don't even realize I'm flirting until someone points it out to me.


Gosh, if bf gets jealoused at everyone I flirt with it'll drive me crazy. That's everyone I know, including girls. (Yes, I flirt with girls too but I'm not bi.)

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Yeah I don't exactly get the pick of the litter with my x's. I was warned about the one I mentioned above by her x boyfriend, her brother, her mother, and her mothers boyfriend. I honestly should of known better. It was only suppose to be a one night stand, but since I was friends with her brother since we were kids, I couldn't make it look like I just banged his sister for fun. I ended up with the short end on that one...and the friendship really wasn't worth it all.


I did have a few nice girlfriends where things just didn't work out and we just called it quits.



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