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Can he change?

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Hey, i ran into this guy a few weeks ago that i hadn't seen in like a year. we started talking and we really connected. he really wanted to see me again, so i went over to his house to watch a movie. i had been warned from a friend of his that he was most likely going to just try and get into my pants. i had heard other people say that he was like that too, but i don't like listening to rumors, and i've been in karate for forever, so i know that he couldn't do anything to me that i didn't want him to. also, i had a hard time believing that he'd do that to me because he was always saying really sweet stuff like "beautiful as an angel" and really sweet stuff like that. i didn't think that someone so sweet to me would try and hurt me. he ended up kissing me and it was really nice. i was afraid that he would try and do more, but he didn't try at all. all we did was kiss.

a few days later we were talking about his past and he admitted that he had always gone for the "easy girl" the one would do stuff to him. he also told me that he had had sex several times before and even a one night stand. we started talking about how far i've gone (oral once) and that i wasn't ready to do anything else. he was really horny that night, and kind of hinting that he wanted me to do stuff, and i told him that he would have to wait a long time. he said that he was willing to wait as long as i needed.

obviously, i was curious as to why he would wait instead of just go and get laid. he told me that he was tired of that and that he wanted a good relationship.

so... my question is, can guys change? my friend thinks that he was saying this just to get me to hang out with him and then he would try and get in my pants. but i'm not sure. i do like this guy, but i tried not to because i know that he does have a bad rep.

Please give me any input u have



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It's actually better to not assume guys will change.


People do change, everyone change, but hardly any of us change for our significant other. People change due to circumstances and due to their desires to benefit themselves.


So many girls go into relationships thinking they can make players stop playing... they'll be the special one that a player picks as the last girl in his long history... it usually doesn't work out that way.


If I'm not reading your post right, sorry. I'm studying and I'm just trying to quickly take a break. bye. I didn't really read the whole thing.

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Hi there,

I think people do change, but only if they themselves want to. Nobody can change someone else.


The important thing here is that you are not comfortable having sex and he knows this. If he is willing to date you and not push you into doing more then keep seeing him. You know where you draw the line. If he starts to try to pressure you into something more-and gets upset when you say NO-- then you will know that all of it was an act.


You are the one that decides how far he can go with you. Remember this.


take care of yourself.

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Guys could change the type of girl they are looking for but beyond that there not going change. His intentions may be ok. The night you said he was really horny. He wanted a BJ. When you told him you had done that before he is thinking that he really wants you but he can get by with oral if you will do it. If you are interested for real you will have to repeat to him a 100 times that you waiting for sex (all types) and he will likely dissappear. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I been a man all my life its really not that complicated.[/u][/i][/b]

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