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Ok so heres the story so far


I dated a girl last year and we broke up.

I loved her with all my heart and the feelings were returned from her.


We didn't really talk for a while and now I've moved to another city and we are talking a lot. When I went back to the city shes in I saw her and the first thing she did was give me a big hug, which was kind of unusal for her. We talk online about every second day. We talk on the phone about once or twice a week.


I still have feelings for her and I can't figure out if she still has feelings for me.


When ever we talk we usually get into situations where we talk about our relationship. She talks about the good times that we had together and told me that she wont ever regret any of it or forget the times we shared.

She even has started to say things like "you know you love me" which is how she got me to tell her that I really did love her the first time.


I really don't know what to do here.


Should I just take a risk and let my feelings for her be known, or should I subtley probe her feelings?


Any help is very welcome.

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hmmm. She obvously has an agenda here. Problem is, long distance relationships. Before making any moves, first considder what it is you want from this. If the relationship get's rekindled, are you willing and able to do it long distance, and is she? Alternatively what is the chances of her moving there/you moving back?


She definitely still sounds interested, but beware, now that all the presures of being in a relationship is not there anymore, she might have relaxed a bit, and are now willing to have this kind of friendship with you.


I suppose you have nothing to loose but a broken heart, and everything to gain by persuing this!


Good luck

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