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Would this be too akward? Or is it just me?

Josh G.

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Ok, the girl I liek, I have been taking on a couple dates, I want to ask her out (to be my girlfriend) but I dont have the guts, Im hoping it just becomes official, n e ways,

my parents want to meet her really bad and want me to bring her to my house for dinner and a family movie, I would not feel comfortable about this at all, about asking her, about he rbeing at my house r about meeting my entire family. Now my paretns are getting very mad at me, that I wont do this, and trying to give me the silent treatment and little threats and stuff, I dont know how to explain it to them, how i feel, And i don want to n e wyas becasue they wont listen, but if i just give in, I want to know if this girl would bein uncomfertable coming over, Ill give you some backround, I havnt met her parents, I think she said her mother would liek to meet me, (her dad would kill me if he met me becasue hes protective of his daughter(arnt all dads?) ) Ive been to he rhouse only to pick her up for a date and drop her off, her parents never come to the door to meet me, and basically, ive only been on a couple dates with her, talk to her on msn, and a little bit at school, soooo........Would it be ok to ask her to come to myu house and hang out wth my weird family, or should I stick my ground and not do it until we are going out and I feel comfertable woth her anf my family.

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Yes wait until you are both comfortable with each other, and families. I've been in the same situation as you (maybe a little more to the extreme) her mother was controlling, and over protective becasue her daughters ex boyfriend was a jerk, so I had to win over her parents, and it took a couple months to do this. It's going to take some time, hopefully not 2 months.

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