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A "bizarre" situation


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Here's one you may have never heard of and I'm gonna need help on this...


There was this girl I liked last year (January/February) and think I scared her a bit. I was there to talk to her if I wanted to, but the words never came out, but somehow everybody knew and it was an ugly situation. I didn't talk to her again until June, and we got along although I had my doubts and vowed to myself and to my closest friends I would never go out with her...


...Now, I like another girl but she said she isn't dating anyone at all right now. I feel I can "reel her in" if I play the cards right. We did begin to talk and we are starting to get along really well. Too bad she's been sick the past week or so , but I sometimes talk to her online.


Now here's the problem: The girl from before might like me. My friend thinks it's because she got to see me acting like myself (when I didn't like her) and she liked that. She IMed me today and invited me to see her at a job she's doing on Saturday (I would more likely go if I had my own car, but I don't and I do not like my parents knowing things like this - they never stop). I was like lol. I'm just a little confused here - I made a huge a** of myself when I liked her, but she likes me now (it's possible she's just being friendly)? Here's my analysis on this (if it's true)


Convince me not to fall for her again!!! Here's why:

-What happens is something like this occurs again w/ her?

-She might (not a huge chance, but a chance) be moving to Florida (1000 miles away from where I live)

-She can be deceiving and a b**** at times


She is a nice person when she's normal, but I do not want to go through a headache. One of my friends who was strongly against me trying to get her in January (he was smart) is now like "go get her! (he isn't as smart)". EDIT: If you think I should "give it a shot" anyway, feel free to tell me so and I will consider it.


I would definitely go out with the 2nd girl I mentioned cuz we got along like "that" and we can both make each other laugh. Again, if I play the cards right, it can work. I don't think she "likes" me right now, but I think I have a chance.


How can I convince myself to be where I was a few weeks/months ago and remember that going out with her could be a nightmare?


I really need help.

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Well if you really don't want to go out with her, just watch everything she does until she makes some stupid mistake or does something stupid. Look for turn-offs. You'll find some and it will just gross you out until you reach the point you can't even look at her.



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I am sorry to say that this girl probably likes you a lot, indeed. And also, since you never dated her, how do you know it would be a nightmare and a headache dating her? It seems that you were hurt so badly by her former indifference, that now you are trying to deny your feelings for her.


I think that, instead of "dating" any of these two girls, you should get to know them better and see which is more compatible with you. If you think the 2nd is better for you, then why care about the other one now?


(May be she was just too shy)

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