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I need some advice...

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Okay, my problem is that I can never think of what to say to this girl who I know, we are kind of friends, we never talk a lot though...And I feel stupid because I am around her for about 3-4 hours a day...


Background on her:

Her and I are both "preps", she goes to a catholic school, she is a partier (drinks, smokes weed, smokes cigarettes but is trying to quit cigarettes), and that is about it... That is all I know and I have been around her for about 3 weeks now...


What are good things to talk about, I just can't think of anything when I am around her and we sit right next to each other by ourselves everyday for about 20-30 minutes after school is out (she waits for a ride and I sit with her...She asked me to but then I don't even speak!)... Help me please!

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she goes to a catholic school, she is a partier (drinks, smokes weed, smokes cigarettes but is trying to quit cigarettes)


Whoah there. She sounds like too much fun to be in Catholic school! LOL. But seriously, is this a person worth pursuing? She must be pretty, but she seems to need some stabilizing. Maybe you'll do that. Couldn't help voicing an opinion.


Conversation topics? Clothing she's wearing, favorite music, etc.. If you're a good listener, what you do is listen to what she says and pay attention to the words she emphasizes. Then follow up on that topic. Example, she says that she got her tee-shirt at this place she went over the summer. You just follow the thought and ask about the place, how she felt about it, whatever.


And remember, it takes two to tango. If you have nothing to say, just be comfortable being silent. She'll say something soon. Or maybe you and she just like sitting next to each other in silence. That is really romantic!

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best advice, be yourself. It doesn't matter what you talk about with her or whether you impress her or not. Chicks usually go for the guy who is comfortable with who he is. Stop trying to think of one liners or other things to do to impress her, and just do or say what comes naturally. And to be totally honest with you, if you stopped paying so much attention to her, and did your own thing she will in turn notice you and then she'll be the one doing all the talking. Be yourself stud.

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Alright she is going to Cancun, as am I... Today I said "So you still going to Cancun?" And all she did was say "Yeah" really really quietly... I don't know if she means it or not but she makes it seem like she doesn't even want to talk to me.


Would she get offended if I confronted her about it and say something like (example conversation):


Me: So are you not that talkative or something?

Her: (She replies with either yes or no)


(if yes) Oh alright, everytime I talked to you I would get the impression you didn't want to talk to me, cause you barely ever talk.


(If no) Oh okay, 'cause when I try to talk to you you always reply with short choppy answers and it makes me feel like you don't even want to talk to me.



Would something like that offend her? I think I am thinking about this wayy too much. haha

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does she know that you like her? If she does in your shoes id just be like


"Alright your making my job reeeeeeaaaaallll hard lady, gotta gimme more then one word answers so we can engage in a conversation or else I wont be able to attract you".




if she doesnt know, spend your time passing hints eh?

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