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Confused...he doesn't talk to me...

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There's this guy who I am positive likes me at least a LITTLE.

He starts chats with me online every single day, sometimes multiple times but he VERY RARELY talks to me in person.


But whenever we're in the same room, he will always come over to me and he will always stand or sit next to Me. He always seems to be finding excuses for us to be touching in some way. For example, if we're at a friend's house watching movies, he'll be pressing against me, sharing a pillow, putting his leg against mine, sitting on the floor and leaning against my legs, etc. He only does this with me. We're not close enough friends yet for this to be just a normal 'friends' thing either.


But he doesn't talk to me in person! He's not the super shy type and we're from the same circle of friends.

We talk together when we're in a group but he doesn't seem to talk to me directly and yet, the minute we're home, he msgs me...


help~can anybody see a reason for this? thanks in advance~

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I think he's shy. You said that he isn't the shy type, do you know this for a fact? I mean, even the most outgoing people can suddenly turn shy when they are with a person they like.


Its obvious he doesn't dislike you, otherwise he wouldn't act so close to you when your hanging out, or start talking to you online. Maybe you should try starting a conversation with him or something next time you are hanging out. I think he's just shy, there really isn't any other reason he would be acting this way.

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