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2 mo. ago he was confused, today he is daing again

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2 months..........

i was dumped 6 weeks ago for much of the same reasons after a perfect and i mean perfect 11 months long distance but meeting for real too in that time, and it took him 1 week to move an ex of 18years ago into his house and took 4 weeks to marry her.


Yep i feel used and betrayed too, feel like i lost out cuz of the distance ( i was going there to be with him in december) there is nothing we can do in situations like this,


in my case its N/C from him so there is no answers, but i am in touch with his family, and i thank god for that much right now, it helps me to know what is going on over there and things are not all rosy for him in the least, his problem i know, they make their beds, they have to lie in them, no one knows what the future may hold for anyone

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