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she's confused - it's been 2 months NC (sort of)

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Sending the letter may make you feel better but i doubt that it will do any good. What you need to do is accept that you two are broken up and that its going to stay that way. You never want to change the person you are for a person. You may make changes in your life for personal reasons but never do it for another person because they wont last. There were other issues in the relationship that concerned her. Its better that you got out while you did instead of the situation having more complecations later. Its best that you move on with your life and learn some lessons from your past relationship.

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Uh Oh!


Look to me like she won't come back. She's using this to get away from you, not near. She does seem to have issues and she's not telling you the truth about them. Does having "feeling" for someone else means she's going out with him while she makes you wait in the background just in case? She's not working in improving her relationship with you, she's using the time you give her to fool around.


I'm sorry, its just that the "its not you, its me" stuff and all this "you're wonderfull but I don't know..." is really suspicious. At least she could talk to you and tell you what the "issues" are so you're not running in the dark. That's called respect and she's not giving it to you.


I do hope I'm wrong tho and I'm surely not in your everyday life to pass such a quick judgment but I saw so many guys starting like you and ending up in the "Healing after breakup" forum.

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I feel like there are a lot of important details missing here. You don't just dump your significant other the day you're supposed to move in with them with such a weak excuse. That's the only reason she gave you? You didn't have any fights/tensions leading up to this? How about the rest of your relationship...did she ever try to end it before? Did you two have power struggles? etc., etc...


I mean, there is a lot missing here. It's hard to give you advice about what you should do, because I don't have any idea what your relationship was like.

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