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Is there some sort of etiquette to online dating?

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I am just curious if there is some kind of ettique to online dating. I have decided to give it a go....mostly from curiosity, and partly as a sort of experiment. So, I have been talking to one guy...who ironically lives like 5 minutes away from me. What I get from him is that he is easy going, laid back....and is pretty normal (pretty rare I am finding). Anyways, we have talked a lot, we have a lot of the same interests, is pretty nice and has a good sense of humor, he is also polite. The thing that strikes me as odd, is he hasn't asked for a picture. Usually that is one of the first things they ask for! So he hasn't asked for that, nor has asked for my number. I am not sure if this is because he is taking the time to actually get to know me, or if he is shy and/or wants me to "take the lead". So I am unsure of etiquette. I guess the thing is, I don't want to really start liking him, then have him not be attracted to what I look like (hey, it happens). Or could he be one of those rare gems that really puts personality on the top of the list? If anyone has any advise, I would really appreciate it!

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I'm guessing he doesn't want to put pressure on you. it would be like meeting someone then asking for a full nude pic the next day...


I worried about this when i first met my gf. she sent me her picture first because i was too afraid to ask for it. she didn't say here you want a picture of me. she just sent a direct connect invite on AIM and put her picture in there. best IM i ever got


and as CarterJonas said.. nothing wrong with the woman making the first move i just wish more women would lol



*now accepting pictures... email removed* lol

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There is nothing wrong with online dating. It is just another medium for meeting people.


Do keep dating, even if things don't always work out, chances are you won't find the right guy in the first 3 you meet. Exchange pictures after a reasonable amount of time because most people need to feel physically attracted too...it's important to know what someone looks like.


I think you can find guidelines for online dating on the web.


Have fun and stay safe

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Thanks for everyone's replies! I really appreciate it. I am just so new at this "medium"....that I am not exactly sure what I am doing. I talk to this guy like 5-8 hours a day....it is really insane! The more I talk to him, the more I am attracted to him. We like all the same things, have the same views and values, etc, etc. I am not sure...maybe he doesn't think I have a pic, because I don't have one up in my profile. I just don't want to send it and appear pushy I guess. We have been flirting as well....nothing sick, but a lot of inuendo...and I am so impressed that he can banter back with me with the same gusto! I know what he wants in terms of the big picture...I am just finding it hard to bridge the gap between online and "real life". If he is taking it "slow" then I sure don't want to push. This is so weird.....never done anything like this before!

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well do you want to meet this guy in person? seems kinda weird that you live 5mins away, talk 5+ hours a day yet don't at least hang out in real life. maybe one or both of you is scared. maybe one or both of you have something to hide. if he has something to hide you might as well find out about it now...rather then later. if you want to meet, ask him. doesnt matter what it is, a coffee date or whatever. if he says yes, give him your pic without him asking for it. if he likes you for your personality and such, the looks wont matter.


my advice is, if you like this guy and want to see how it would work out in real life, ask to meet him. the longer you wait..the more expectations people tend to have. almost to the point where you think theyre perfect or sumthin. and then a very minor fault seems like such a disapointment.

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